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Residual Leprechaun Magic.

Hello there blog, it’s your favorite redhead here… *who never posts*

As many of you know, it was St.Patricks Day on Friday, and aside from drunkenness it also represents Ireland and luck and such. Luck + Ireland = Leprechauns.

Anyway, I think there may have been some sort of a mix-up after the St.Paddy’s shenanigans because here I am in the Hamilton Public Library surrounded by not one, but TWO other redheads. Naturally, the first reason that pops into my head is magical.

You see, I believe that these other redheads are secretly Leprechauns who neglected to go back to the rainbow-land (where leprechauns live) because they were too damn hungover to care. Makes sense right?

No, not really Alicia… You sound insane as usual.

Now, here I sit, in a trifecta of ginger magic thinking I missed a memo or something because when I walked into the HPL today to do some school work… I did not expect to see some of┬ámy fellow two-percent.

In order to have red hair, a person must possess the MC1R gene, which is recessive and only occurs in about 2 percent of the world’s population, says the National Institutes of Health.


Anyway, I just felt this was something you needed to know.