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rambly bambly female empowerment

You know what I hate?

Well, lots of things actually… summer, anti-feminists, dog people, rude people, people in general; you know, the standard.

But one of the things that I hate/makes me sad the most is when I see tweets/Tumblr posts/Instagram captions of girls saying “you bring out the best in me” and “you accepted my true form” like they are talking about their unsightly foot wart or something. Your personality is something that nobody can make you show or form for you. It is all you, honey.

YOU chose to trust that person.

YOU made that decision, nobody brought it out; it was already there.

Things like “You showed me I’m worth so much more than how he treated me. You showed me I’m loveable, that a person can look at me, the real me, the one I rarely dare show, and like what they see.” I see on the internet really makes me fear for my daughter if I ever have one. I seriously hope that she never feels her personality – or “true self” is something that needs to be hidden or to be ashamed of only to hope someone someday accepts you for who you are.

I see my little cousin, who is like a sister to me, try and hide her quirky self sometimes or act a certain way because she thinks that’s what people want from her and all I ever want to do is shake her and give her some of my small reserve of self confidence and acceptance. I would give it all to her if I could.

Seeing things where girls think a guy made them better makes me mad. And sad. And worried. If a girl thinks there is no reason to love herself until a guy says he accepts her there is something seriously fucked up about this world (no shit Sherlock.)

I, being the sarcastic and loud weirdo I am today can remember when I wouldn’t say a joke because I thought; a guy wouldn’t like a girl who tells stupid dirty jokes or worse I would try to be someone I wasn’t to see if I could get a guy to like me more. Looking back on this and typing it in this moment makes it seem more and more pathetic by the minute.

One thing I have learned in the past year or so about myself or about the world I live in is that:


sigh. Alicia

P.S. I am fighting the urge to apologize for this post being rambly and unprofessional but I am still working on my own self-acceptance issues and idk now I am writing this p.s.

wow this blog got all social commentary-y all of a sudden.

dare i say we are becoming more than a useless complaining blog?


we still useless


go self deprecation in writing.

also, “that’s so gay” is not a good way of saying something is not good.

thank you and goodnight.

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Just some fun;

Hello and while i was working away at my online college library course today my professor recommended this little video and its just kind of adorable and i relate 100% that this is what i see when i step into a library.

and bonus; there is still plenty of sarcasm and self-deprecation so if you like this blog for some reason… you will love this poem.

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Hello there, (young)adulthood.

And hello to you also, my blog.

Hope you had a nice day or a nice coffee or a nice foot fungus.

Whatever you day held, I hope it was nice.

My day consisted of work, moving sparkly pumpkins and sparkly banners and things covered in feathers that love to get lodged up my nose at various points in the day and some over-all grumpy customers.

Also there was a joke about the floor looking like a hickstown strip joint with feathers, hay and glitter dirtying the floor.

I have decided to check in again as I am currently in what one could describe as a “productive, type-y and bored” mood.

I started my first day of online college and i think it is going pretty well so far. Nothing seems too out-of-the-ordinary yet and I have spent $100 on |*theoretical* or, as normal people say, online textbooks already so that’s fun.

There was just a huge flock of tiny black birds that flew over the sky (or maybe they were colored, I don’t know.)

“A ginger a day keeps the doctor away” – a quote from my 6’2″ brother explaining pickled ginger, not my rare hair color.


I guess i should mention the crippling loneliness and lack of purpose i experienced this morning as my brother went; unwillingly, to his first day of grade 10.

I was so upset with the ungrateful little bugger not appreciating high school and how much easier it is than everything. What a  good time.

*ps i do not miss high school in a social sense; more of a “everything is kind of done for you all the time” sort of way.*