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A stream of nothingness – Part One

I need to practice typing on this new computer, my college education depends on it.

The keyboard is smaller so that’s new and its taking some getting used to.

Types very nicely though. Smooth and easy.

Library and Information Technician at Conestoga College.

I love you.

I never say that to anyone anymore.

Alicia Mooers

Alicia Mooers

Alicia Mooers

yes, that is your name, good job; gold star for you!

Typety Type Type Tyyyype!

This is fun. Stream of consciousness go!

I can hear bugs and crickets outside amidst my noisy neighbors and their serial-killer-in-the-making son playing MarioKart. I can hear the dunn dunn dunn duuun! Sounds that signal the beginning of a race.

I hope one day soon I can have my own apartment.

One can dream.

This is a very pretty font and I am fond of this font one could say,


OOO and since I am pretty sure I should become a comedic genius for thinking this little baby up; I dropped a pea from my samosa that I was eating the other day onto the table and exclaimed: “Oh no! We have an esca-PEA!!!”

Yes I realize that is very lame

Yes I am still proud of it

Currenty waiting on kittens to come and sims to download.

Wooo slow internet

(not for the kittens – internet speed has nothing to do with kitten births… yet)

Wow two hundred and sixteen – wait seventeen words of absolutely nothing.






I am a professional adult type.

I have a credit card and a savings account

Look at me, being the adulty person I am supposed to be.

I don’t want to work tomorrow.


I mean I never want to go to work but like its going to be early and I am not a fan.

Plus it’s Cheryl

And I hate my job.

Anxiety has been at a new high after cutting my hair off.

I feel really great about it at times but like I miss my bun.

So I am going to grow it out. Not out of sadness or regret just out of pure laziness, and no time to want to deal with my hair constantly.


Not a fan

Should I post this on my blog

Nobody reads it anyway

Oh well


The Sims 4 is taking a small lifetime to download because my brother is playing a game online with his little friends.

I have a mini bun on my head and could not care less.

Ooo look a mosquito!

Please don’t bite me

I am very pale, that means I am a vampire, I do not have any blood for you small one.

Your attempt will be futile.

I am not going to wear makeup to work tomorrow

Or do anything with my hair

Or look nice in general

#leggings and a t shirt kinda shift

Wow two pages of nothing

I am a talented writer

I will be a writer one day

Actually, ultimate life goal is to own a used book store, with flowers and crafts as well

But it will be super cute and not “old lady nesting grounds” at all.

My cousin is basically my prettier sister.

Love her to death.

Yeah I am going to post this

To my blog

Why not?

Nobody reads the darned thing anyway.

Maybe this “stream of nothingness” post will become a series

Another promise to break.

I miss Zellers.


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As of right now…

I am wearing  a t shirt with a ham on it. Things are going well. I am slightly fried from all the sun exposure I was forced into this past weekend so that’s always fun.

I am also that strange state of tiredness where I have not really done anything of importance today besides go into the city for cock sauce. (hehehe not what you think.)

SO.. In other news the rest of my day has consisted of sitting in my own filth and changing my outfit about 6 times in two hours.

*did i mention i am tired for no reason?*

Also, (because I suck at transitions) I planned the next three years of my education last night and felt like a hardcore adult. That was nice. I got to make an excel document which brings me a strange joy similar to that of eating a cupcake after being stressed to find a laptop in August among the hoards of others expecting the same. Which, evidently, is also a thing I did last night.

I just had to add ‘hehehe’ to my personal Google dictionary.

That was a useless fact.

Okay going to end this 200-odd word stream of consciousness (I learned that phrase in a writing course) before it gets sad.