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Daisies and Dunebuggies

*To dad: So as you know, I wrote a blog post for mum for Mother’s Day and nothing for you on Father’s Day or your Birthday and I feel super guilty about it, so here is your Birthday/Father’s Day post. Love you, Lici :)*

Okay so if any of you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I got my first tattoo in April and I can say I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED. So naturally, being the tattoo-addict-in-training that I am, I am constantly thinking of new tattoo ideas. In fact, I have a Pinterest board (all I use Pinterest for basically), a note in my phone, and an album on both my laptop and my phone of pictures of future tattoo ideas/ tattoos and artists I like. My Instagram feed is basically tattoos, cats, unattainable fashion goals because I have no money, and YouTubers. I have an exciting life as you can tell.

Today I was riding in my dad’s Dunebuggy. What is a “Dunebuggy” you ask? Well, traditionally it is a low, wide-wheeled motor vehicle for recreational driving on sand. (Or at least that’s what Google said it was.) BUT this is not the Dunebuggy I was whipping around in to do errands today. No-siree! I was being squished in the back of my dad’s Volkswagen-beetle-with-a-tree-growing-through-it turned awesome street-legal-window-and-door-missing-hand-built-older-than-I-am-Dunebuggy like thing that is red and we get a lot of compliments in.

***SIDE NOTE Since this Dunebuggy has no windows or doors, My hair gets blown around like the world’s most extreme blow dryer and it never looks effortlessly wind blown like a model or Beyoncé when I get out of it. No. Of course not. This is me. It looks more like (as my mum used to say) I had been dragged through a bush backwards. Attractive level is 0, and not ever rising.***

I will insert a picture here.



Anyway, back to the tattoo idea, got a little side tracked there.

Actually, before I tell you the rest of the story as to why I want this tattoo, I think I’ll tell you what it is even.

I was thinking to get a black, simple line drawing of the Dunebuggy from the side (like the picture above) with a wild daisy underneath it. As for placement, I would like to get it on the bottom half of my inner right arm right near the crease of my elbow so it “reads” horizontally when I show it to people.

Placement picture:


The (horribly crude) rectangle is roughly where the Dunebuggy would go and the (non-circular) circle is where the daisy would be. Again, very rough, drawing is not my specialty, and clearly neither is Geometry as I cannot draw a nice rectangle or a nice circle. Wonderful.

As for the “meaning” behind why I want this tattoo…

This Dunebuggy reminds me a lot of my dad obviously, as he built it and it has been something I associate with him since I was 2 or 3. It is a huge part of a lot of good memories I have, so naturally I want it tattooed on me so I can continue to make it a big part of my life.

The wild daisy is because apparently at the June Jitter Bug (It’s a real thing I swear) that my dad, me and my brother (and sometimes my mum) went to every year with the Dunebuggy (as it was once a bug). I liked to pick daisies. A lot. Like, it was the highlight of me going there (and the beanbag game that I sucked at but I was cute so the lady running it would help me win and then me, the 6-year-old girl would win the ultimate prize. Some super-duper car polish. Every 6-year-old’s dream right?) and I still remember making him drink his coke and find a puddle to then fill with water and let me put my flowers in it or make him buy me a whole new water bottle just for my flower — a whole $3 bottle of drinking water for my wilted flowers that would inevitably die if they were not dead already. Sometimes the flowers would just be thrown amongst the pops and juice boxes in the melted ice water, so we then had half-dead, frozen flowers. Woot Woot.

So here comes the end of another unnecessarily long post. Hope you enjoyed my erratic writing and random thoughts while I attempted to write a feasible blog post about a tattoo idea I had today. 754 words later, Bye!

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Excuses, Excuses…

Okay so I know I have been seriously lacking in the post department.

I admit my wrongdoings and sometimes when I wonder why my blog is not more successful, then I think back to the fact that all I post is excuse after excuse as to why I never ever post.

This is unacceptable behaviour.

I am seriously going to try and write on this thing.


It’s not like I’ve promised more posts every apology “excuses why I never post”.. nooo…

You may now start muttering under your breath “Yeah, it’s not like we’ve heard THAT one before.”

Since I am the stubborn redhead you’ve all grown to love (“you all” meaning that ONE person who is still reading these things… you da real MVP #sportslingo) I have decided I will post at least 1 post per week. No exceptions. If my week is particularly exciting, then maybe more. (we all know that’s never gonna happen as I am a hermit and I never leave my bed.)

SO as my first “weekly posting” (I’ll think of a more creative title at a later date… :/) I foresee that I will talk about as my debut “weekly posting” :

My irrational fear of asking for things.

Since I am some sort of socially awkwardly too-nice person, I do not like asking people for money or anything really.

In fact, when I was in elementary school, I used to have a perpetual fear that someone would ask me if I needed something (like a pencil or a drink). I was so afraid that I would try my hardest to do one of two things:

1) CONSTANTLY be prepared for everything. Like, I carried a pen and paper, Band-Aids, and tissues everywhere I went for the longest time and I still keep a ridiculous amount of extra pens, pencils, binders, erasers in my locker at school. In fact, I am so paranoid of not being prepared for school I keep TWO (not just one, but TWO) freaking extra fully-stocked pencil cases in my locker just in case I lose mine. Yes, I am that insane. Judge me.

2) If you do not have the required materials for a task, FAKE IT UNTIL YOU BREAK IT BABY. Like I still do this, just yesterday I was at a bridal shower for one of my mum’s friends and we were doing some sort of wedding-word-unscrambling thing and when we started I had given my pen to another lady (because I’m nice like that) and was then so petrified to ask for another pen from the very nice elderly woman who was running the game that I decided to pretend that I knew none of the words just so I would have and excuse for not writing anything down… therefore not needing a pen.

Well, I hope you enjoyed me telling the internet about my irrational fear of asking people for things.

See you next week!

…Or maybe earlier if my life gets magically exciting 🙂

***I’m Pretty sure I’m the only person who still uses emoticons made out of colons and parentheses-es (?)