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Hello 2016!

Okay so I know I’m a little bit late on the whole “Happy New Year” thing and all as it is January 2nd, BUT I’m still writing this within the first week and that’s a win in my book.

Anyway, I felt I have not written on here in a while and decided to check in. Some things have changed for me and I made some resolution-type things for 2016.

Let’s start with what I have been up to.

Well, I got a job. I’ll admit, its not my favorite place to be in the world all the time but my co-workers are funny¬†and it isn’t a hard job. So yeah that’s a thing.

Next, (with my first paycheck from aforementioned job) I got my second tattoo. I have been planning it since I got my first one and I am totally in love. It is a peacock feather on my thigh. It flows with the muscle and makes my leg 100% more interesting than it was before. My other leg feels neglected now because it is not half as beautiful.

Fun Fact: My legs are my favorite part of my body. Cellulite and all.

Now, onto the “resolutions” for 2016 I made for myself.

  1. As always, to try my very best to not go completely insane one day and become so possessed by anger that I become some sort of redheaded gorilla and attack a city.
  2. Write more.
  3. Graduate High school.
  4. Change; just a little bit. (I know I will do this, it happens every year.)
  5. Maybe find a boy to hypnotize and drug so he will fall in love with my beautiful monkey of a self and become my boyfriend. (There’s always got to be a completely unattainable one — I will be just as single next year as I am now.) *Laugh-cries*
  6. Snuggle my cats against their free will more.
  7. Idk do something cool.

I think that is a pretty extensive list.

Here is a picture of my tattoo.


I took this on the night I got it so it is red and puffy here. Still quite swollen, but ain’t it pretty?

It hurt like a bitch. (I’ve never understood that phrase, like what does it mean “Hurt like a bitch”? Do women hurt really bad all the time? Did a female dog bite some guy and then a couple weeks later his wife left him so he was like “wow, this hurts like a bitch”? Who knows….)

Fun little story, while I was getting the beautiful tattoo up there, It hurt really bad (especially on the side of my leg) and there’s something wrong with me so I deal with extreme pain (and extreme anger) by giggling uncontrollably. It is a problem. Anyway, while I was in immense pain, I began to giggle and I could tell that my tattoo artist, Roger, was probably thinking *What the hell is this girls damage? Is having needles jammed into her skin thousands of times a minute somehow enjoyable for her? Does she like pain? Is she a Satan worshipper? She has red hair, so it would make sense…* In reality, none of this went through his head at all, but that’s what my anxious brain produced for the situation.

I never know how to end these stupid things.


no, I use that too much.

So, that’s it!


bfhdfn efuowe hep

what the hell is that?

Wherever you are have a nice night. Ill see you guys next time!

there is so much wrong with this one. you are a blogger, you never”see” your readers. and if you did it would not be “you guys” it would be one person, you narcissist.

Oh eff it, just bye.

a little aggressive, but okay.


Tattoo Artist (Roger)

… yeah that’s all I got for you