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Sitting in a Library part two.

Okay so a very long time ago in a land far,far away on my old Blogger blog, I wrote a fun little blurb on my adventures at my local library after I got my braces.

I had my big, noisy laptop and nervous tendencies… I listened to a lady sigh about 400,000 times and had tooth-hurty problems; coincidentally, around two-thirty in the afternoon. HAHHAH I am so funny, you missed me I know you did.

So, to set the scene for you, I am in the Terryberry branch of the Hamilton Public Library; sitting at a tall table facing away from the sunny window behind me beating on my back. I have been adjusting my laptop frequently so it remains hidden in my shadow.

A lady just walked by in a very short skirt… poor girl (it is currently two measly degrees in Hamilton and there is at least 5 inches of snow. Why are you wearing a mini skirt. I mean, you look cute and you do you boo boo but still; are you not freezing your literal ass off (the skirt is that short.)

Listening to some old P!nk and loving it; she needs to make another album that would be fab. If you somehow don’t know who she is, educate yourself and you will not be sorry.

Although, this is the internet and everyone has many opinions.

Very cute boy sitting at the couches across from my holier-than-thou height table. Very cute yes. Good job to his parents.

Oooo; aforementioned cute boy is engaging in a watch deal sort of thing. It’s like a weird drug deal but for a watch. A dude came from seemingly nowhere and just sat across from cute boy. Pleasantries were exchanged, and then down to the nitty-gritty of if said watch was indeed a good one. Leather is being inspected as we speak. Apparently this watch is a satisfactory specimen and money is now being exchanged; $60 Canadian. Cute boy has watch – is now texting someone and I am going to stop spying on him now the poor boy.

The sun is less bright now and i do not need to block my laptop from the brightness anymore.

So, let us do a little life update/ I have a plan section while I wait for something interesting to happen.

I have decided (kinda) that I think I want to move out of my mum’s Ancaster, small-town-shitty-bus-system, sub-urban home. I want to go from this to a room in Hamilton. Where buses run past 9 p.m. and people use the sidewalks.

AND I think I can do it too! So here is my plan:

  1. Get a Job in Hamilton. Preferably Part-Time with a lot of hours. I’ll even take Full-Time & do my online college stuff by night at this point.
  2. Make sure you can afford to Move Out. This is important as you do not want to live in a box on Main Street.
  3. Quit Dollarama.
  4. Work and save up money until May/June 2017.
  5. During the “saving up” phase of this plan, get what you will need to move out (sheets, bed, cutlery etc.)
  6. Look for rooms for rent around either Mohawk College or McMaster University -quiet, non partying students are preferred.
  7. Pet-Friendly for my Cats. Maybe. I have not decided on this fully yet.
  8. Move in and be Independent.

I doubt this will work but I at least want to try.

Saggy pants boy just walked by. I wonder if his heart is as sad as his butt looks; as it is neglected the warmth of pants.

Watch boy is now taking pictures of the watch he just bought. Making some arts y angles and even propping it on a book.

That is not what books are for, boy.

It has now been an hour and nothing new has happened. Cute watch boy left, there is a couple who are chattering lovingly on the couch now in front of me, a library worker just passed by, cart of books to be shelved in tow.

Hello, I am back, and now there are two very loud little kids being annoying and sitting on each other over and over again and screaming. I am never having kids. The mother, is also doing nothing. At all.



Okay so it is now a week after I initially wrote this and I feel as though I should post.

Happy Christmas, by the way.