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Why We Should Try.

I know you’re scared, and trust me I am too.

So here are some reasons why we should give it a goo.

Relationships are hard and new things can be frightening.

But when you kiss my lips I feel lightning.


Your grips, your eyes, your touch and tingle

Sends my mind to make a little jingle.

The reason I like hickeys is so I can remember

The good times we have together


So, this is starting to sound sappy

I just want you to know how I am happy.

You drive me crazy, this is true

But I don’t mind as long as it is you.


I’m a cheap date, I don’t eat much

But, I am curious. I need your rush.

To end this off, a little acorn

You make me feel just like a unicorn.

Alicia Mooers // Feb 25 2017