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guess what, we are on another date.

*2 posts in one day wowowoowowowowo*

COngratUlaToons. You made it to a second “date” (me just spitting random facts at the internet) with yours truly.

So, let’s google some more questions to ask a girl and see what happens.

You have no say in the matter and I am literally talking to myself so this is a rhetorical question and I am going to do whatever I damn well please anyway.

Today’s article is from The Stallion Style, and the title reads “20+ Really Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

SO, let’s do this shit.

Disclaimer *This is from a dude website so they are probably a little sexist and “trying to get into my pants”, so parents and people who want to still respect me after this post, stop reading now*


“What is something you have tried, but will never do again?”

I know I had a quick-witted and funny response for this when I chose it, but now cannot remember it for the life of me.

“What quirky habit do you have?”


“What is your biggest fear?”

Being abandoned. Wow, this got deep real fast, I promise I wanted this to be a funny satire post but currently it is just depressing.

“What would your dream date be like?”

I never know how to answer this damn question. I don’t know I would just like to be on the date with a person I like. And food. Food must be involved, specifically pie. But hiking sounds fun too. Oooh, hiking and then going to like a farmer’s market or something and getting pie. That’s my dream date.

“What is something you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do?”

Okay so this is kind of hard to explain, but I used to be able to make my right index and middle finger bend in such a way that I could form a perfect circle. I can’t do it now and it makes me very sad. The most I can do now is make a teardrop shape to match the despair I feel inside.

“What is the worst thing about dating?”


“Do you believe that he will always have a special place in your heart?”

Who? Winnie the Pooh? Yes probably.

“Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s parent?”

Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on
She’s all I want and I’ve waited for so long
Stacy, can’t you see you’re just not the girl for me
I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Stacy’s mom

“Describe the appearance of the person you would like to date?”

Hmm, tall. Like 6’3. I’m 5’9 so I need someone quite a bit taller than me. Funny, nerdy, positive mostly but also enjoys self-deprecating humor. Thinks I am funny. I like flat black earrings for some reason not sure why. Not to existential crisis like. Not to opinionated on politics and such because I am not and I can’t keep up with people who are, plus I honestly don’t care that much. Glasses are a bonus.



15 (but I cut most of them out because they were disgusting) Flirty Questions to Make Her Fall for You!

*“flirty” woman with lollipop picture*

“What do you prefer; thongs or panties?”

People who like thongs are sadists and have plastic assholes because that is the only circumstance where thongs can be comfortable.

“What tricks do you use to turn a guy on?”

Magic. The Gathering.


Okay, so that concludes our date for today. We will call you in the next few weeks if you made it past the test and get rewarded with Date #3.





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