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A stream of nothingness part two

I forget what I originally called this series but I am bored and pleasantly chilly so here we go!

So some stuff has been happening. I am still struggling to get a hold of my life as usual but all is going well.

It is finally fall and I do not know how to explain my happiness to do with this time of year; I do have something to say though… I am not just one of those girls who in the dead of winter is like “I cannot wait for summer to come; tanning and beaches and parties sound like so much fun right now” no. I am always dreading summer and it social obligations like parties and barbeque food. I would be completely content with just having like a week of summer and then it can go away.

I am being social this Friday in Hamilton. Very exciting. My introvert self has so far managed to not go crazy ad cancel yet so that is a plus.

My cat is adorable and I just want to shove my oily face into her belly of fur.

Toesies are cold.


My mum took my headphones and I am too much of a woos to ask for them back. My brother is watching car videos on the couch beside me and it is playing a rap song with some fun revving sounds overtop.

My phone never goes off.

I have a second thanksgiving tonight with my mum and I am PUMPED.

I am going to eat so much turkey and potatoes… I already have my stretchy pants on to prepare.

I realized I do not know how to be attractive and not a completely crazy anxious weirdo over text. I spill way too much information and I do not know when to stop. I also just suck at small talk.

I hate horror movies and will not tolerate them.

Wow 326 words of nothing.


I am a goodest writer

If I ever write a book it is jus going to be a bunch of bad puns and random anecdotes because I cannot keep concentrated on one idea for more than five minutes.

My cat thinks she is spider man.

She likes to climb quilts.

Donald Trump is an asshole and will probably destroy the world.

I am Canadian and I am scared.

Him still even being a contender for PRESIDENT just shows how many backwards-thinking people still exist in the world.


If you are American, please vote.

“I really want some sushi but like also I want to eat like, a whole turkey.”

The constant conflict in my life ^^

I was going to go on a hike but then I realized all the things that could go badly in that situation and decided against it.


  • Bears
  • I could trip and die
  • Someone could try to talk to me
  • I have a terrible sense of direction and can get lost very easily
  • I could fall in a river
  • A tree could fall on me
  • I rock could fall on me
  • I could run out of battery on my phone
  • I could twist my knee
  • I have a shitty knee there could be many things to go wrong

I have to empty the dishwasher

Dishwasher emptied.


You know what I find ironic? (you don’t care but I am going to tell you anyways)

*that Alanis Morrisette song is not ironic btw its just sad and tragic*

I lost my train of thought.

I watched a show yesterday on HGTV called Sarah’s House and it was one of the worst shows I have ever seen.

*WHY ARE YOU TELLING US THIS? they were doing a house next to a train track and that is why I thought of this little tidbit*

I, having no plans for Halloween, and being a good worker have been booked on Halloween night 9PM TO 9AM (a twelve-hour overnight shift) and I want to die already.

I am a grandmother and cannot stay up past like 11 on a good night so I actually have no idea how I am going to accomplish this hell shift.

WHY are you doing an overnight shift on Halloween might you ask?

Because Dollarama (the company which I work for) is kind of an asshole and it gives its employees 48 freaking hours to take down all the Halloween stuff and put out all the Christmas.

SO now I am going to be very tired on November 1st of this year – which is sad because The Sims 4 new expansion pack, City Living is coming out and I will probably be sleeping when this happens.


Yes, I play sims

Yes, I am 18

Yes, I still really like it

Very good for getting rid of pent up aggression

*little fun history lesson* “the pill” or birth control was the only major drug that was entirely funded by women. This was started in early 1900s and wasn’t finished until the 1960s. All the credit is given to the commissioned scientist who was male’ even though the idea and funding was provided by women. Thank you, Margaret Sanger!

Let’s make a bunch of Donald trumps and put them in hole together to fight with each other.

This could be fun

Okay I think I am done now.




I don't know what I'm doing so I just kind of "wing it"

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