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As of right now…

I am wearing  a t shirt with a ham on it. Things are going well. I am slightly fried from all the sun exposure I was forced into this past weekend so that’s always fun.

I am also that strange state of tiredness where I have not really done anything of importance today besides go into the city for cock sauce. (hehehe not what you think.)

SO.. In other news the rest of my day has consisted of sitting in my own filth and changing my outfit about 6 times in two hours.

*did i mention i am tired for no reason?*

Also, (because I suck at transitions) I planned the next three years of my education last night and felt like a hardcore adult. That was nice. I got to make an excel document which brings me a strange joy similar to that of eating a cupcake after being stressed to find a laptop in August among the hoards of others expecting the same. Which, evidently, is also a thing I did last night.

I just had to add ‘hehehe’ to my personal Google dictionary.

That was a useless fact.

Okay going to end this 200-odd word stream of consciousness (I learned that phrase in a writing course) before it gets sad.





I don't know what I'm doing so I just kind of "wing it"

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