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An open letter about Kate.

Hello blog, me again (gasp.. So soon?) 

Yes I am back and I have a small problem I need to deal with so I am going to naturally write about it. 

My birth-given name is Alicia Adrianne Mooers

I want to add to my name and be Katherine (Kate) Alicia Adrianne Mooers.

Ever since I was about 10; I have not liked my name. I did not know one could change their name if they so choose. 

It all started a couple weeks ago; I was driving up to the lavender festival with my mum, nana and cousin Jess. We somehow got on the subject of our names and I brought about the fact that I did not like my first name. I mean, I don’t think anybody loves their parent-given name sometimes but I don’t know I have just always loved the name Kate. 

After I told my car-compodres about this; they proceeded to say “you know you can change it legally now that you are 18 right” and such.. I thought about it but then just kind of pushed it to the back of my mind 

I don’t know this is kind of a rambly post but I just want input personally. 

– Kate 



I don't know what I'm doing so I just kind of "wing it"

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