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I have a walk in closet. I do not like this closet.


I am bored and something occurred to me that I have not told my strange little corner of the internet.



Wooooo *Rainbows and such*

Yes world, I am a girl who likes girls and boys

Well to be specific I am a Biromantic Homosexual. 

Edit: or just Bisexual 

This means that I am romantically attracted to both boys and girls but only want to “do dirty things” (wow I am literally 12) with girls.

Edit: maybe the right guy can “swing” me

Before you ask, no I have not kissed a girl but am incredibly open to it. I am just a social hobbit who even though I have this newfound sexuality (also not that newfound it’s been about two years in the making) I am still a social hobbit who spends her days sitting in bed watching YouTube and snuggling cats.


Anywhoozles I don’t really want to write about “how I know I am gay” edit: bisexual and such because I find it unnecessary I just know. I mean there were some things that happened leading up to me accepting the fact but those were pretty standard like I had a crush on one of my best (straight) friends and I then got my heart broken by a girl (different girl) and realized one of the biggest problems I have with guys is the fact that they… have an extra appendage… heh.

Edit: yeah this is still true

Yup so as usual I don’t know how to end this; big surprise there.

*realizes she hasn’t even told her father this news yet*

*contemplates life*

*remembers father is in other country and is not very accessible right now*

*to post or not to post?*

*laughs to self for above allusion to Hamlet*

*pats self on back*

*realizes she is typing to herself*

*kitten bites foot*

*realizes she should tell blog about kitten*

Hey I’m back I got said kitten from the last post I posted about an eon ago. She is a little devil. A cute devil. But still a devil.


*I should probably mention prom*

Also, I went to prom and socialized like a normal 18-year old.

Prom was not really super fun for me and the after party was kind of a shitshow but I expected that. Spending time with my friends and getting to wear a pretty dress were good but I personally think “prom” as a whole is kind of overrated.

*such cynical*

I would’ve much rather just had my friends over and we could have sat around in our dresses and drank Phoebe-Monica-Rachel style.


Like this.

*still don’t know how to end*


*googles how to end a blog post*

*all those ideas are shit*

*decided to just keep doing this weird inner thought thing*


*so much mystery*

*am I real or am I fake*

*what am i*

*how do you know this isn’t just a computer writing this*


*no it’s just me sitting alone in my room ignoring my phone and all the socialization that comes with it*

*still a pretty shit typer*

*oh well*

K bye

*yes that will work*



I don't know what I'm doing so I just kind of "wing it"

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